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From experienced leadership to built-in flexibility, Ratoon is here to sow the seeds of a solid foundation for success.

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Accounts & Cards

Everything debit or credit, under a single BIN Sponsorship program.

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Regulatory Oversight Expertise

We focus on oversight and flexibility, so you can focus on successfully building your business.

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Payment Rails

Tap into our seamless Visa®, Mastercard®, and ACH payment networks.

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Issuing Partner

Whether debit or credit, get access to the product your customers need and want.

Grow With Us

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Launch your vision with a partner who has the flexibility to align with your needs.


We believe supporting you
starts with knowing you.

Built-In Flexibility

In FinTech, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.
Whether you’re focused on debit or credit, we
built in the flexibility to choose what's best for
your business and customers.

Compliance Oversight

We’ll help you navigate the complexities
of financial regulations.

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Your success is ours. That’s why we scale alongside you, cultivating long-term success.

Scalable Services

Our solutions are built to scale and enable
your growth — so you can continue acquiring
new customers over time with ease.

Risk Management

As you grow, so does your regulatory risk.
Gain peace of mind knowing we’ll continue
to provide the support needed to navigate
the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

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As your success accelerates, we stay rooted in your goals — helping you reach even greater heights.

Expand with Ease

Efficiently expand your target markets
or add new features and benefits.

Industry Expertise

FinTech is evolving as fast as the tech that
powers it. Get ahead (and stay there) with
our continued guidance.

Rely On Us

We’re more than your banking partner.
We’re your competitive advantage.

Why Ratoon

ra·toon [rə'tōōn]: noun; a new shoot or sprout springing from the base of a crop plant.

True to the definition of "ratoon," our mission is to be the sound, compliant base on which our FinTech partners' competitive, innovative products and services can thrive.  We are committed to supporting the growth and expansion of the Banking industry through our dedication to comprehensive, compliant, and efficient oversight of all programs issued through Focus Bank.

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Aug 14

VenCent Summit

Little Rock, AR

August 14 - 15, 2023


Learn what’s next in fintech and digital transformation. Join The Venture Center at VenCent Fintech Summit - an exclusive event that brings together bank industry leaders, innovators, and influencers from around the world for two days of live demos and unlimited networking.

Learn more here.

Oct 22

Money 20/20

Las Vegas, NV

October 22 - 25, 2023

Where Money Does Business

Money20/20 USA is the world’s biggest, most influential gathering of the global money ecosystem.

From in-depth analytics to inspirational speakers, leaders walk away with business-critical insights and new connections that helps them stay ahead – powering strategies, relationships, and innovation.

Money20/20 promises the clearest and most distinctive focus on what’s next across the world of money including banks, payments, tech, startups, retail, fintech, financial services, policy, and more.

Learn more here.

Mar 3

Fintech Meetup

Las Vegas, NV

March 3-6, 2024

What makes Fintech Meetup different?

Fintech Meetup is the future of fintech events.

Our team has founded and operated leading industry events for over a decade...we've taken the best of what we've done before to an entirely new level!

  • Tech-enabled connections and collaboration that will blow you away!
  • An unprecedented network of co-located events
  • First-class, five-star experience
  • Speakers and content that check every box
  • The best value for money and highest ROI

Our groundbreaking event technology makes it easy to meet new people, discover new organizations, and create incredible opportunities! Let us do the work...our magical technology will facilitate 45,000+ meetings and connections across every use case. Serendipity may be great, but it's way more powerful when it's engineered! You get real results and measurable ROI.

Learn more here

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Ratoon Launch


FOCUS Bank is pleased to announce the creation of Ratoon, a FinTech banking division.

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